Day One: Prepping for the Naked Juice Fast


Very nervous to even think about what I am about to do. Today I go to the store to  buy stuff for the juice fast. I have been very unhappy with a few things going on with my life and figured that a juice fast is 1000% different than what I am doing now, so wtf. Why not try it. Of course, something sparked this idea….1.) was that I saw that movie the Aussie guy did about losing all his weight on a juice fast and 2.) I’m going to Cancun and California this spring and cannot go this heavy. I don’t really eat veggies and barely eat fruit and thought a fast can’t be that bad, as you get to drink everything. I can hold my nose right?

A bit about me: then a bit about the fast:

Me: started gaining weight in 2007, at a fast rate. 10 lbs a year for 5 years. Do that math, not good. 50 lbs and I feel it, every single day. All of my clothes are too tight, I have outgrown many sizes of clothes and am flat out, in the worst physical shape I have ever been in. It hurts to walk too far, I can feel the weight in my day to day activities and was getting out of breathe, I have dropped about 10 lbs, so I’m not out of breath anymore, but I was…and it was scary!

the Fast: I have opted to not just buy a juicer and $100 in fruits and veggies and start with the “appropriate juice fast”. Since watching the movie around Christmas time, I have been doing online research about fasting and decided I need to start slow and ease into the real program, by of course…cheating the system. I will be doing the Naked Juice fast, eating some proteins like nuts and fiber rich foods, like fiber rich crackers. I am buying those foods because I know I will want to cheat, so having good cheating foods around will be helpful. Can’t go wrong with crackers and nuts. I might even have a slimfast for when I am craving a chocolate frozen delite. Yes, I admit…I’m already probably prepping for failure, but I am hoping to actually succeed by prepping for failure.

Honestly, I want to do the real juice fast, but I’m scared. Scared of buying all the stuff I need and on day 3, quit and waste all the money and feel like a failure. I guess I know myself. Another reason I am making my own fast up is that I travel a lot for work, and this packaged little drink seems to be in every convenience store, so it makes sense to do what I can do…buy it! Not make it! (but hey, eventually I DO want to really juice myself!).

So here it goes, here is the plan for the week!

Week 1-Day 1 (today, prepping!)

Today, buying Naked Juice, other 100% juice, no salt nuts, fiber rich crackers and slim fast and some milk. I’m buying many different types of Nake Juice and different sizes. I know I will need some for lunch size and on the go size. I travel quite a bit for work and  need to just take and go. Remember, I am trying to be smart and not let myself down. Tomorrow I will weigh in naked (ha) and every day take stats on my weight loss. I may post my real weight one day, but for now I will post my result, how I feel, what has happened to my body and energy levels.

Wish m


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